TKDA-PCIE-5PC PCIe Adapter Bundle



The TKDA-PCIE-5PC is a 5 piece PCI adapter bundle containing cables and the following adapters:

  • (TDA7-1) PCIe Card SSD Adapter 
  • (TDA7-2) PCIe M.2 SSD Adapter 
  • (TDA7-3) PCIe Apple SSD Adapter 
  • (TDA7-4) PCIe U.2 SSD Adapter Cable 
  • (TDA7-7) PCIe Apple 2016+ PCIe SSD Adapter 



These adaptors can not be used on their own or with a T35689iu

Can only be used with the TX1, T7U, T356789iu.

This bundle has replaced the previous TKDA7-3PC-BNDL

No special OS drivers or tools required for operation