Avatu TX1 Investigator Kit



The Avatu InvestigatorKit provides the tools for investigators to collect data from any source they encounter, in the most efficient way currently available on the market.

Utilising the TX1's ability to image all evidence from the most common data sources and combining that with all the currently available adaptors produced by Tableau and Digital Intelligence. This kit allows investigators to collect data from any storage device they will encounter.

The TX1 sets a new standard for Forensic Imagers. A Tableau second-generation product, replacing the Tableau TD3. Supporting up to 2 concurrent imaging jobs to up to 4 local destinations, makes the TX1 the best tool for imaging evidence in the field or in the lab.

The kit is contained within a black Peli 1535 Air case, allowing for secure transportation and field use as well as easy storage. The Peli 1535 case is slightly larger than the 1500 case used by our FieldKit and SuperKit.


With the Avatu InvestigatorKit investigates can acquire data from M.2 SATA and PCIe drives, mSATA drives, USB hosted storage, Firewire storage, SAS drives, SATA drives, Network locations, Compact Flash Cards, MicroDrives, Memory Stick Cards, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Smart Media Cards, xD Cards, Secure Digital Card, MicroSD, MultiMedia Cards and a range of IDE sources and more.

The Avatu InvestigatorKit includes:
TX1 Forensic Imager
TX1-S1 SATA/SAS Drive Bay
UltraBlock Card Reader
TDA7-1 PCIe Card SSD Adapter
TDA7-2 M.2 PCIe Adapter
TDA7-3 Apple PCIe SSD Adapter
TDA7-4 U.2 SSD Adapter Cable
TDA7-7 Apple 2016+ PCIe SSD Adapter
TDA7-5 PCIe IDE Adapter
TDA3-1 Micro SATA Adapter
TDA3-2 SATA Blade-Type SSD Adapter
TDA3-3 M.2/mSATA SSD to SATA adapter
TDA5-18 1.8” IDE Adapter
TDA5-25 2.5” IDE Adapter
TDA5-ZIF ZIF Adapter Kit
TP6 Power Supply
Connecting Cables