Ultra-compact, liquid-cooled hardware
for password recovery and decryption.

Top of the line solution for password recovery.
Decryptum produces high-end performance systems, based on the quality components, provided by world’s top manufacturers. Each system is made to be the leader in its class, showing unmatched performance in password recovery.
Confidence and proven stability.  Results delivered.
We don’t just liquid-cool chips, like many other manufacturers do. We liquid-cool all the critical components, such as CPU, GPU, and GPU-related components, allowing them to operate in comfortable conditions, which results in long life of our devices.
Silently outperforms any similar air-cooled solution.
We work closely with manufacturers of every component which we use in our devices, to fine-tune the system for the high performance, silent operation, low power consumption and PUE ratio < 1,05. Simply saying, our systems are fast, silent and effective.



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