Mobile forensics software for Smartphone, Feature phone, Drone, Smart TV, Wearable, IoT device, USIM card, SD memory card, JTAG board, and Chip-off memory.

MD-NEXT is forensic software for data extraction from diverse mobile and digital devices. It supports physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS, and other mobile OS.
MD-NEXT supports data extraction from MD-READER(Chip-off memory), MD-BOX(JTAG board), USIM reader, SD memory reader, OS backup protocol, agent app, and new cutting-edge extraction methods

 Key Features

Complete mobile data acquisition tool

  • Supports data acquisition for various global smartphone manufacturers (Samsung/Apple/LG/HTC/ZTE etc.) models
  • Supports China Manufacturer (Huwei/Xiaomi/Oppo/Vivo, etc.) for large quantities of models
  • Supports extraction of IoT device, AI Speaker, Smart TV and Drone

Advanced physical extraction features

  • Supports Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom Image Android Rooted, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, Chip-off, SD Card, Removable Media
  • ADB Pro extraction: Supports data acquisition using vulnerability attacks from Android-based devices
  • JTAG pin map viewer and connection scanning with AP
  • Drone data extraction - DJI (Phantom, Mavic), Parrot, PixHawk
  • AI Speaker Chip-off extraction - Amazon Echo, Kakao Mini, Naver Clova

Supports diverse digital data reader hardware

  • JTAG Reader (MD-BOX)
  • Memory Chip Reader (MD-READER)
  • SD Memory Reader and USIM Reader

Advanced logical extraction features

  • Supports Android Live, MTP, iOS full filesystem Backup, Vendor backup protocol, Local backup, USIM

Supports extraction and decryption of the latest Asian handsets

  • Physical extraction through all lock bypass(KNOX, FRP/OEM, Screen Lock): Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series
  • Unlock screen: Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series
  • ADB Pro physical KNOX bypass – Samsung Galaxy S/J/A/Note series
  • Vendor Backup protocol extraction – Samsung, LG, Huawei
  • Local backup extraction - Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee
  • Physical extraction for Japanese manufacturer model - Sharp, Sony

Supports the latest iPhone logical extraction

  • iOS keychain extraction
  • Logical extraction for iPhone up to XS/XR model
  • The decryption of backed up data for the latest version of the iOS device

Selective extraction for privacy protection

  • Supports selective acquisition of partition, file, category, and app

Special extraction features

  • Supports user-defined extraction for unlisted models using pre-defined methods
  • Supports Google cloud drive extraction

Useful extraction utilities

  • Supports auto recognition and decryption of partition table and encrypted partition
  • Supports automatic firmware restoration and retrial after restoration failure
  • Supports resume of extraction
  • Supports merge of multiple image file - MDF and binary file
  • Support acquisition from PC backup files: iOS, Samsung, LG

Assurance of evidential data integrity

  • Supports write-protection to every evidence data
  • Supports various hash algorithms(MD5, SHA1/224/256/384/512, RIPEMD128/160/256/320

Easy and simple user-friendly UI

  • Intuitive graphical user guide for each extraction method
  • List of recently selected models


Data preview and save

  • Supports preview of the extraction data - Hex viewer
  • Sound alarm and TTS alarm for extraction status change


Reporting features

  • Extraction information - Hash value, Time, Method and Filename
  • Supports 'Extracted File List' generation with a hash value of each file
  • Generate 'Observation Confirmation Report'