High-end analysis workstation for processing digital data with cyber speed! 

The AntAnalyzer is the right choice for indexing and processing IT-forensic cases from your desk. The AntAnalyzer series is known around the world for its speed, reliability and persistence. Our machines can be found in all leading IT-forensic agencies and companies in Europe. All AntAnalyzers are certified and tested by all the leading software developers. 

Additionally to the four default configurations, we can also provide detailed modifications to measure up to all your personal needs. The AntAnalyzer is so quiet that it can be used in offices without any disruption. 

Thanks to its unique IceTray cooling fan beneath the Tableau T356789iu forensic universal bridge, the source drives are air-cooled. The aluminium cooling fins support the cooling process as well. This ensures the reading of the suspect drives at maximum speed without reaching disk-damaging temperature ranges. The AntAnalyzer is available in 4 configurations: Basic, Advance, Extreme and Enterprise. Next to these default versions, we can also customise to your own individual needs