Cyber Security
at Avatu

Email security for public and private sector organisations.

Many people think they've got email security 'covered' with basic firewalls and anti-virus software. But 90% of all data breaches STILL start with an email. Many people are starting to look at it again.

Forward-thinking and risk-savvy organisations are starting to give extra focus to email security as it's the route most commonly used by hackers and thieves to get to their systems and sensitive data. Up to now, small and medium sized organisations have often thought 'they have it covered' with outsourcing or rudimentary inbuilt anti-virus software and firewalls. But the wake up call is that 90% of all data breaches STILL start with an email and 6 out of 10 medium-sized UK companies were breached in the last year. It's making people think again, and look for new technology protection such as the Avatu e-m-s (enhanced email security) range.


Train your team how to spot cyber attacks with BoxphishYour people are not your weakest link, but your greatest strength – if educated properly. Should a cyber threat bypass your existing email security measures, your people are your most valuable asset in protecting your organisation.