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Classroom, Remote, On-Demand and On-Site Digital Forensic Training

Digital Forensic Tool Training

More so than any other area of forensics, digital forensics is a rapidly evolving and changing field. It is therefore vitally important in both ISO17025 and non-accredited environments to ensure that examiners are trained and certified on the technologies they use.

Digital Forensic Training

As digital forensic tools advance and automate more of the examination process, understanding how tools work is often not enough. It is vital to the success of an investigation that examiners understand the 'Why' as well as the 'How'.

We work with multiple training providers to deliver training on Digital Forensic theory and tool agnostic techniques such as chip-off.

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Whether it's specific tool training that you need or more general digital forensics training, we can help! We work with our software and hardware partners as well as specialist traning organisations to provide our customers with easy and cost effective access to training.

Many courses are available as classroom, remote, on-demand and on-site. If you have specific requirements then we can help you find and plan the most effective way.