OpenText are a global leader in Enterprise Information Management solutions.  Avatu became an OpenText partner in 2017 when they acquired Guidance Software and their subsidiary Tableau.



Our focus is on the OpenText Security suite packages described in the table below.

EnCase Forensic

Named the “Best Computer Forensic Solution” ten years straight by SC Magazine for its speed, flexibility and functionality, EnCase Forensic is the industry gold standard for scanning, searching, collecting and securing forensic data for internal investigations and law enforcement. Additionally, the EnCase evidence file format has been cited or mentioned in more than 100 court opinions.

Tableau Hardware

Includes duplicators, write-blockers, password recovery solution, adapters and accessories that are easy to use and deliver consistent results in any situation, giving investigators reliability and peace of mind when completing forensic investigations. Tableau offers reliable hardware solutions for forensic data acquisition that meet the needs of the digital forensic community worldwide and have been the tools of choice for well over a decade.

EnCase Endpoint Investigator

Provides Digital Forensic Incident Responders (DFIR) and forensic investigators seamless, remote access to laptops, desktops and servers. The most powerful and easiest-to-use remote investigations solution available, EnCase Endpoint Investigator discreetly investigates all incidents, whether from external threats or internal actors, in a forensically-sound manner.

EnCase Mobile Investigator

Augments the mobile acquisition capabilities of EnCase Forensic and Endpoint Investigator with the ability to intuitively view, analyze and report on mobile evidence. With mobile-first workflows, in-depth evidence analysis and flexible report generation, EnCase Mobile Investigator offers investigators confidence in their results.

EnCase Endpoint Security

Provides the deepest level of endpoint visibility to detect anomalous user and system activity, threat validation and intelligence and forensic-grade incident response. EnCase Endpoint Security is a truly integrated, best-of-breed EDR solution that positions organizations against the most advanced forms of attack at the endpoint