Mobile forensic software for on-the-spot investigation which performs live extraction and analysis on a mobile device.
MD-LIVE is a mobile live forensic product with a smooth user experience which can support logical extraction and quick data analysis.

It also supports the selective acquisition from evidence without privacy infringement, screen capture & recording of mirrored smartphone display, and recording of forensic process by an external camera via an internal recording feature.

 Key Features

Selective extraction and analysis of evidence data

  • Prioritises on-site proceeding and acquiring, so image and case files can be analysed afterwards
  • Only data related to the case can be selected and analyzed
  • Selective acquisition of data for the protection of personal information
  • Scans important applications based on time and frequency of use

Analysis data view just like looking at a real smartphone screen

  • Quick evidence data identification by providing data view themes similar to that of a smartphone app

Integrated data viewers

  • Includes the viewers to display files such as photo, video, audio, document, map and website browsing history

Mirroring and remote control of smartphone display

  • Smartphone screen mirroring and remote control can be used when smartphone display is broken or the prevention of unwanted operation on the phone
  • The mirrored screen can be captured and recorded as evidence

Screen recording

  • PC screen recording of MD-LIVE to reproduce and verify its forensic process

Easy and concise process

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Auto-detection of smartphone model
  • Automated analysis after data acquisition

Reporting features

  • Exports reports into PDF and Excel formats
  • Supports 'Witness Document' generation
  • Supports a various HASH algorithms MD5, SHA1/224/256/384/512, RIPEMD128/160/256/320

External standing camera (optional)

  • For taking a photo of the evidence and its display or recording the investigation procedure
  • Hardware-based auto-focusing
  • Anti-reflection pad