Tableau are the industry standard for forensic acquisition hardware.  Tableau produce a broad range of forensic bridges, duplicators and accessories which enable investigators to reliably and safely acquire from the broadest range of media. Tableau's full range is available to purchase through our online store.  Should you have a complex or large requirement, or simply require some advise, please contact one of our sales team through the contact us page..

Forensic Bridges

Tableau Forensic Bridges are compact, reliable and easy to use.  They are designed to take up minimal space in your toolkit, your desktop or your workstations.  They are ruggedly engineered to travel easily for on-scene use and also available as an internal form factor for use in forensic workstations.  Tableau bridges are designed to be easy to use, with clearly labeled ports, informative LED status screens and detailed activity lights provide a no-nonsense user experience to get the job done.


 Broad Compatibility

Whether it’s new, high-performance interfaces used on the latest device types, or legacy interfaces from digital media from a decade or more in the past, Tableau Forensic Bridges always deliver reliable connectivity.

  • SAS
  • PCIe
  • USB3
  • FireWire 800/IEEE 1394b
  • Most include fast USB 3.0 host connection
Workstation Compatible

When imaging and investigation are conducted in a forensic lab, examiners often depend on their forensic workstation as part of the process. Tableau Forensic Bridges easily integrate into a workstation to maximize the use of valuable space.

  • Supports acquisitions of SATA, USB3, PCIe, SAS, Firewire 800 and IDE
  • Mounts in one 5.25” half height drive bay
  • Read/write model capabilities for all device ports via internal DIP switch
  • USB 3.0 host connection
Tableau Imager

Although commonly managed via EnCase Forensic software, Tableau Forensic Bridges can also be managed with Tableau Imager (aka TIM) for forensic imaging productivity.

  • Manages imaging, hashing, logging, and more
  • Intuitive, information-rich application
  • Available free of charge

Forensic Duplicators

Tableau also manufacture a range of Forensic Duplicators which are standalone devices that create physical or logical images of target media, without the need of a separate laptop/workstation to undertake the acquisition.  Acquiring using a duplicator, rather than bridges and a workstation has the potential to vastly simplify validation as part of ISO 17025 as the duplicator can be validated as a 'sealed unit' rather than a combination of various hardware and software packages.

  • Delivers more - Tableau Forensic Imagers and Duplicators acquire more data, faster and from more media types. 
  • Easy to use - Tableau Forensic Imagers and Duplicators provide an intuitive, easy to use interface. Utilizing clear and concise menus, investigators have access to operations, search functions, job details and system settings.
  • Portable - Small and compact, Tableau Forensic Imagers and Duplicators make it easy to take these devices into the field. Take an image of suspect media or use within a larger workflow of a digital forensic lab.
 Maximum Productivity

Investigators can quickly and easily triage potential digital evidence or conduct logical imaging operations, both in the field or in the lab, to ensure they have all of the evidence needed to proceed with their case.

  • Browse connected file systems and view image/text files
  • Receive notification of encrypted devices
  • Image only what is needed with triage operations
  • Perform concurrent forensic acquisitions
  • Image locally or across a network (Tableau Forensic Imagers)
  • Image locally (Tableau Forensic Duplicators)
Investigate Efficiently

Knowing that you’ll be able to image whatever type of device you encounter in your investigation, and access the information on that device, gives you the peace of mind that your investigation can proceed without interruption.

  • Image SATA, USB3, PCIe, IDE, Firewire and SAS devices
  • Automatically detect a variety of encryption types, including APFS and BitLocker
  • Make multiple forensically-sound copies from a single source
  • Acquire from and output to network shares
  • Perform multiple operations concurrently
  • Utilize Automated Acquisition for high volume operations
Forensic Security

From field operations to the courtroom, Tableau Forensic Imagers and Duplicators ensure that the forensic integrity of digital evidence is irrefutably preserved and forensically secure.

  • Simultaneous hashing and precondition checks
  • Authenticated user profiles and user interface lock screens
  • Secure remote operations via SSL certificate options
  • NIST and custom wiping for forensic integrity of destination media
  • Whole disk AES encryption of destination drives
Optimised Usability

 When collecting data from a device that will be used in your investigation, you need to know it will be a seamless process so that you can complete your data acquisition quickly and close cases faster.

  • User-friendly workflows with detailed media reporting
  • Easy-to-view operational and device status information
  • Intuitive interface provides easy operation with minimal training
  • Individual files can be downloaded to a remote workstation
  • Personalized user profiles and customized settings
  • Easily ingest digital images into EnCase Forensic for analysis