Founded in 2007 with a big focus on case work and expert opinions, covering a wide range of topics from fraud and financial crime to crimes against children, T3K has since expanded to the development of unique software solutions to tackle the growing problem of dealing with ever larger volumes of data to be found on mobile devices.

Real world knowledge

T3K's casework as expert witnesses give them real world knowledge in many fields of digital forensics. The experiences they make in their case work directly influences their expert witness, trainings and software departments.

As T3K are an independent mobile forensics company, they have a neutral view regarding the software and hardware solutions available on the market. They are well connected to an international network of experts.


Resource Saving

T3K's software solutions can provide substantial cost and time benefits. Through process efficiency backlogs can be reduced and the focus maintained on locating data which is important to the investigation




LEAP (Law Enforcement Analytics Platform) supports investigators and forensic analysts by quickly analyzing data from smartphones and other sources, pinpointing relevant data and helping to focus the investigation. It provides an instant and easy to understand overview of risk potentials, helping to prioritize cases.