Digital forensic software for extraction and analysis of cloud account data.

MD-CLOUD is the most intuitive digital forensic software tool that extracts and analyzes data from cloud data storages. It supports a broad range of cloud services.

 Key Features

Supports various cloud services acquisitions

  • Google, iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Naver cloud, IMAP/POP3, Evernote, One Drive, Twitter, Baidu

Specialised in Asian cloud services

  • Baidu cloud in China
  • Naver cloud in Korea
Acquisition of cloud accounts for IoT devices
  • IoT data extraction from AI speaker and Smart home equipment
  • Public or non- public APIs authentication

Supports various authentication methods

  • ID/PASSWORD authentication
  • Captcha security authentication
  • 2-step security authentication
  • Authentication using credential information

Web capture feature

  • Supports web capture when cloud acquisition does not offer API

Real-time acquisition status check

  • Monitors data acquisition in real time

Easy and user-friendly

  • Intuitive user interface and quick data extraction

Interoperable with MD-RED

  • Acquires data with credentials information analysed by MD-RED

Simple search using 'Tag' feature

  • Supports easy and fast search with pre-categorized 'Tag.'

Various built-in viewers

  • Supports preview of Image, video, document, web page, and email

Snapshot filtering option

  • Supports snapshot of the filter and sort configuration for reuse in the workspace

Assurance of evidential integrity

  • Guarantees integrity of evidence data based on powerful hash algorithms such as MD5 and SHA256

Reporting features

  • Supports report format such as PDF and Excel