Talon Ultimate


Talon® Ultimate

A powerful, portable, networked, multi-user, and economically-priced forensic imager, equipped to perform multiple simultaneous operations, with expandable support for multi-languages, on Logicube’s standard User Interface.

Designed for field or forensic lab use, the Talon® Ultimate Multi-User imager delivers advanced, high-performance, networked forensic imaging at a budget-friendly price. Easily portable and featuring a compact footprint, user-friendly navigation standard on Logicube forensic imagers and IT cloners, and peerless imaging speeds in its class, the Talon Ultimate supports Targeted and Logical imaging out of the box through Multi-Tasked simultaneous operations and meets all imaging, browsing, hashing, verification, wiping, and formatting needs of forensic investigators..

  • Extremely fast forensic imaging at over 40GB/min 
  • Multi-task allows simultaneous multiple imaging, hashing, and wiping
  • Built-in support for SAS, SATA, FireWire, and USB drives out of the box
  • Image to or from a network repository
  • Image & verify from 5 source up to 4 destinations
  • Built-in Targeted/Logical Imaging feature out of the box allows you to create a logical image using pre-set, custom filters, file signature filters and/or keyword search to capture only specific files needed
  • File Browser feature provides write-blocked preview/triage of drive contents
  • Image from SAS/SATA/FireWire®/USB 3.0. IDE, PCIe M.2 (NVMe/SATA/AHCI), eSATA, mSATA, micro SATA, and flash drives with optional adapters
  • Capture from a Mac® computer booted in Target Disk Mode using the FireWire port. Supports MacBook Pro® and Mac computers with USB-C ports
  • Same user interface flow and format as the premier Falcon-NEO forensic imager
  • Multi-Language support
  • Standard 3-year warranty included